Back on track: a strong kick in the European Cup

June 21st 2005 - Simon has regained spirits after a strong victory in a most tactical race at the European Cup in Leiria, Portugal. With a last 600m under 1.30 minutes, Simon demonstrated that he is on the way back after his sickness and weak race in Hengelo.

"I have to thank the Belgian steeple chaser for doing most of the lead work in the race. I just sat on him with 2 other strong runners, the Ukrainian and the Portuguese, both runners well under 8.30. I had indicated not to go for a quick time, but to run a tactical race for the victory. I had to - considering I didn't know for sure if I had beaten my sickness so quickly", Simon said. "I am sorry the Belgian guy did not qualify for the World Championships, but European Cup races are not for the fast times, they are all about the points, and the victory. And that is exactly what I got".

It was very sad that, amongst the very excited Portuguese crowd, someone felt the need to shout at the winners and call them "ugly profiters" just for not taking the lead in the tactical race. Simon: "I can't get to wound up about it, although the language was plain brutal. There have always been spectators who can't stand loosing, and there will always be. They have a problem with themselves, rather then with me. Let's keep it there".

Race info

EventEuropean Cup
CityLeiria (POR)
Distance3k steeple
Result8.31.60 (1st)
Complete result
1. Simon Vroemen         69 NED    8:31.60 
2. Vadym Slobodeny       81 UKR    8:32.73 
3. Krijn Van Koolwyk     81 BEL    8:34.67 
4. Mario Teixeira        74 POR    8:35.66 
5. Naim Akrout           81 GRE    8:52.49 
6. Marius Cozmanciuc     77 ROM    9:06.63 
7. Joe Byrne             82 IRL    9:08.28 
8. Dejan Bogicevic       72 SCG    9:10.04 


6th in Olympic final Athens!    

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