Deception in Hengelo

May 30th 2005 - Simon failed to produce a decent result in his first steeple chase of the year. In Hengelo GP1, he finished an umimpressive 14th place in a slow 8.35. "Hengelo comes early in the year for me, a year in which I have specifically decided not to be in shape early. So in that respect the result should not come as a surprise. But still, I had expected that I could have run somewhere under 8.30 at least. I haven't trained very specific yet, but 8.35 is really too slow. I felt very flat, and have to say I somewhat gave up half way the race. I am not a happy man", Simon told after the race. Simon will go to Sevilla GP next weekend to act as a pacemaker for the winner of Hengelo's race, Brimim Kipruto.

Race info

EventFBK Games GP1
CityHengelo (NED)
Distance3000m steeple
Result8.34.14 (14)
Complete result
 Rank  Athlete Nat Result 
1  KIPRUTO, Brimin KEN WL 8:09.53 
2  KOECH, Paul Kipsiele KEN 8:09.83 
3  SALEM, Jamal Bila QAT PB 8:11.67 
4  KIPCHUMBA, Ronald KEN PB 8:16.69 
5  LE DAUPHIN, Vincent FRA 8:17.32 
6  PRÍLL, Martin AUT  8:20.08 
7  NYAMU, Julius KEN 8:21.65 
8  KIPYEGO, Michael KEN 8:23.69 
9  GHIRMAI, Filmon GER 8:25.76 
10  RAMOLEFI, Ruben RSA 8:26.82 
11  KOOLWIJK VAN, Krijn BEL 8:27.63 
12  SVENOY, Jim NOR PB 8:28.86 
13  SKOOG, Henrik SWE 8:32.83 
14  VROEMEN, Simon NED 8:35.14 
15  HOHL, Stephan GER 8:38.04 
16  LAKHAL, Irba FRA 8:42.30 
17  KAMAL, Ali Thamer QAT DNF 
18  KIPRONO, Justus KEN DNF 


Hengelo 2005, presentation of stars with Liefers (picture:

water pit (picture:

water pit (picture:

with prince Pieter Christiaan van Oranje (picture:

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